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Frequently asked questions

Q)     What is the Peacock Festival?

The Peacock festival is an opportunity to celebrate Monmouth Oregon's uniqueness and to bring enjoyment to the attendees through art, craft, entertainment, and education. Named for the wild peacocks in Monmouth, we promote appreciation of the area’s natural resources, celebrate talent within our community, engage people of all ages, and attract visitors from throughout the Willamette Valley.


Q)     Will there be live peacocks there?

Maybe, but not likely. Since the intent of this event is to honor and celebrate peacocks we would not want to put undue stress on wild or domesticated peacocks by transporting them and caging them all day.


However, there will be many pieces of art, craft and themed activities honoring the peacock as well as decorative backdrops with images of peacocks for photo opportunities. There will also be a “Finders Keepers Rock Art Hunt” throughout the day.


Q)     Where is the park?

It’s downtown Monmouth in the center of Main, Warren, Knox and Jackson Streets.


Q)     Why aren’t you holding it at Gentle Woods Park near the Peacocks?

We know that Gentle Woods would have been a logical choice, however based on capacity (we expect several hundred people this first year and hope it will grow over time) we knew that Main street park would accommodate the anticipated crowd, the music, booths etc.


As a first time event we are also encouraging attendees to support the local restaurants since we may have a food cart or two, but not enough to accommodate hundreds of hungry attendees. Trying to fit all that into Gentle Woods could be a big negative for the neighborhood and we want this to be a positive experience for community members and businesses.

Q)     Where do I park?

There is plenty of on street, unmetered parking. We also encourage attendees to park in less congested areas and take the TROLLEY.

While it’s not running yet, it should be running on May. For info on schedules and routes click here.

Note: We will update this as info becomes available.


Q)     What if it rains or is really hot (or both)?

This is a RAIN OR SHINE event. We are Oregonians! Rain or heat never stopped us from having a good time.


Q)     Will there be info on site?

There will be an INFORMATION booth on site in the center of the park. They will have maps, info, first aid kit and lots of fun Peacock Festival items for sale.

Q)     Are their bathrooms in the park?

Yes, the public restrooms are closest to Jackson Street halfway between the Amphitheater and the Gazebo.


Q)     Can I bring my own food/a picnic?

Of course. There will be plenty of food available for sale at nearby businesses, but if you want to bring your own, please do so. However, consuming alcohol of any kind is prohibited.


Q)     Will there be places to sit down?

We encourage attendees to bring chairs, blankets or other ground cover so that they have a place to sit and eat, watch the entertainment or rest. There is limited seating on benches, so plan ahead.


Q)     Will there be food and drinks?

We want to support the downtown businesses, so we will be providing a map with the locations of vendors, businesses, booths and eateries either in or close to the park along with coupons and information about any Peacock Festival specials these local businesses might have.   


Q)     How much does it cost to attend?

It is free to attend.

However, if you wish to participate in the “Running of the Peacocks” Fun Run there is a $10 registration fee – but you get a cool pair of socks for entering and you get to run with a bunch of other people dressed like peacocks (OK – dressing like a peacock is not a requirement, but you can put on some fun peacock colors).


Q)     Can I bring my pet?

We ask that you leave your dogs and other pets at home for this event – with the exception of service animals. The other exception has been made for some of the demonstrators/exhibitors who will have animals with them at the event – this exception has been preapproved by festival and city staff.  


Q)     Will the fountain be on?

It depends on the city and how warm it is that day. As we learn more, we will update this page.


Q)    Will there be Peacock Festival shirts and other SWAG for sale?

There will be lots of Peacock themed and Peacock Festival items for sale at the INFO booth in the center of the park.

Q)     How can I help / are your hiring?

We are an all-volunteer group, so we are accepting volunteers currently, but have no paid positions. Please email and let us know you want to help.


Q)   Who is in charge of the Peacock Festival?

This festival is being hosted by a committee of local residents led by committee chairperson, Roxanne Beltz. The fiscal sponsor is the Monmouth Independence Chamber of Commerce. This sponsorship is essential for coordination with area businesses, groups and residents as they act as a fiscal manager of the participation fees paid by vendors and participates in the peacock run. Need to get in touch with the committee - just send an email to:


Q)   What is the “Finders Keepers Rock Art Hunt”?

Since we love to support the arts, we have had several local artists and community groups painting peacock themed rocks and they will be hidden in the park for attendees to find. We are calling it "Finders Keepers Rock Art Hunt". If you find a rock LUCKY YOU! You now have an original piece of peacock art to take home and keep.

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