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Peacock Calling Contest

Think you can make a sound just like a peacock? Want to show off your peacock calling skills?


Here is your chance. 

Contest is at 2:00 PM on the Amphitheater Stage

Contest Rules:

1. Participants are asked to pre-register (below). There may also be registration on the day of the event depending on the number of pre-registrants.

2. Participants will all compete in one category unless there are sufficient entrants to break into adult and youth categories.

3. Participants should be checked in at the amphitheater stage no later than than 1:45 PM to get their contestant number and performance order assignment.

4. Participants will be allowed up to 3  minutes to perform a call.

5. Calls will be judged on tone, cadence, pitch, volume, and overall accuracy. Extra points for displaying accurate bird behavior while vocalizing.

6. No devices such as whistles, iPods, smart phones or any mechanical enhancements.


7. Winner will be determined by onsite judging and the decision of the judges is final. 

8. There is no cost to enter.

9. Participants assume all responsible for any teasing, ridicule or damage to their

reputation as a result of their participation.


10. Winners earn a fabulous prize!

Peacock Calling Contest Entry

Thanks for entering to contest!

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